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Building a brick house is a large undertaking that takes time, investor energy and large financial resources. MICCO Mobile Homes are created in the hall under the supervision of specialists. They are created from fixed, prepared elements. This allows you to create a building block faster and combine multiple prefabricated buildings. As a result, construction takes far less time and costs than building houses.

  • In the world such houses have been popular for many years
  • Canada, USA, Netherlands, United Kingdom. They work, they are practical and cheap.
  • Trends of minimalism, microarchitecture and downsizing reach our country, the house on wheels is fashionable and practical.
  • The MICCO house can be set up on your own plot or rented piece of land without the construction process. “We don’t have the possibility that the potential owner will be exposed to additional costs
  • you can see what you’re buying!
  • Mounted wheels make it easy to install the house on the plot. No need for expensive cranes, just a larger pickup truck or a small agricultural tractor. ”

Why throw money “into the ground” You can live without foundations.”

Polyurethane foams, unlike other insulating materials, fill even the smallest and most difficult spaces available. In addition, they stop wind gusts and cold air from the outside, while not allowing the loss of heat from the inside. An important advantage of polyurethane foam is its long service life, foams do not change their properties over the years, as happens with other insulating materials that degrade, fall or shrink.

Polyurethane foam with closed cell structure, used for the production of rigid spray foam. Ideal for spraying on steel, sheet metal or concrete structures. Closed cell foam is characterized by high compressive strength.

The heat transfer coefficient λ in the foam used in the construction of our houses on wheels is: 0.021 – 0.022 W/mK

KERRAFRONT is a modern shedding that once laid does not require any maintenance during its use. Other materials, e.g. wood, must be painted regularly, which requires time and financial resources. Thanks to the innovative technology KERRACORE is extremely durable, resistant to changing weather conditions, does not catch and does not change shape under the influence of sunlight and temperature. KERRAFRONT cladding guarantees savings – protects the interior of the building and prevents heat loss. It provides good air circulation, thus preventing the formation of mold and fungi. KERRAFRONT is 100% waterproof and its cut edges do not require additional protection. The product has a 10-year warranty.